About Us

Growing up as one of six siblings, 36 cousins and 10 aunts and uncles, the epicenter of our family was around my Mother’s kitchen table. We were either; preparing, eating, celebrating or talking very loud. (of course with our hands) Anything and everything was cause for celebration. And the way we celebrated was with food. Being second-generation American; could French and Italian ancestry be more SASSY?

“Sassy Palate” worthy; is the use of organic, farm fresh vegetables cooked low slow and in small batch preparation. Living in Maine for 10 years, my passion for freshness developed while tending an acre of summer vegetables bordered by acres of blueberry barrens. The bounty of zucchini, tomatoes,  carrots, and potatoes left summer days & nights filled with countless hours of preserving and canning.

My travels and experience have brought me to where I am now. It is food I turn to for my relaxation, my celebration and my jubilation satiated by the fragrant smells & the goodness put in glass!