Sassy Sauces: sweet pepper based w/ a hint of heat: orange-red-yellow-green

Sassy Sauces are naturally delicious sweet pepper based flavor enhancers with just the right hint of heat! Change the flavor profile of hummus, make a marinade for your favorite grille, add to yogurt, mayo or sour cream for a dip or topping. Most amazing in a cocktail- chilled vodka, prosecco or sake. Let you imagination tickle your taste buds.

ORANGE: Organic distilled white vinegar, orange mini sweet peppers,red chili

RED: Organic distilled white vinegar, red mini sweet peppers,red chili & red cherry peppers

YELLOW: Organic distilled white vinegar, yellow mini sweet peppers,habanero peppers.

GREEN: Organic distilled white vinegar, Poblano, tomatillo,jalopeno & banana peppers





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